The Presidential Suite - Le Meurice

Paris, France 

A Victorious Visit to Versailles

Located on the Hotel’s first floor, facing the Tuileries Garden, the Presidential Suite is inspired by the formal Louis XVI style, and furnished with one-of-a-kind masterpieces, with parquet floors of aged woods and rugs by Braquenié created with special motifs just for me. It offers a “taste of Versailles”, and hosted the King Alphonse XII, and then Salvador Dalí for over three decades. The fabrics come from the famous factory of Charles Jouffre, in the city of Lyon. Presidents and kings have always appreciated these suites; this is the reason why we call it the “Presidential Suite”.


Suite Talk Q&A

  1. What was your favorite feedback or comment received from past guests? The guests appreciate my spectacular style inspired by Versailles. They are always enthralled when they discover me for the first time! I offer them a complete change of scene, a true 18th century experience! What guests also really appreciate is my breathtaking view on the Tuileries Garden. 
  2. What is your biggest indulgence in captivating new guests?  As I said, new guests are captivated by my style and my view on the Tuileries garden. The localization in the heart of Paris in one of my biggest advantages. I’m ideally located for a range of activities, whether you’re after fine dining and shopping or simply want to explore the city of romance and culture. On top of this, I can connect to another Presidential Suite and Junior Suite to form a private apartment of 3,000 square feet, all overlooking the beautiful Tuileries garden.
  3. Is there a famous name, a particular street or monument that you most identify with? What inspired your style? Salvador Dalí , the surrealist painter. I welcomed him, and his muse Gala for 30 years and he realized here some of his paintings, and organized some happenings from my balcony!  What wonderful memories. 

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