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Bell Tower Suite - The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
Mumbai, India

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai Bell Tower Suite - 1.jpg

An Authentic Seafaring Experience 

Situated under one of the domes of The Taj Mahal Palace, the Bell Tower Suite is designed to resemble the traditional structure from which it gets its name. With its corner location, this suite gives a sense of being on the edge of the world, rising to the clouds, with an enthralling view of the sea. Spread across two levels, the entire suite is inspired by maritime rudiments. The yachting blue and white color theme, polished woods and brass on the furniture, a ship bell as the piece de resistance and a vintage telescope to observe the horizon, bring the theme to life. Richness and warmth pervade the entire suite with a wood paneled fireplace nook and seating amidst nautical memorabilia. The dining room continues the theme of nautical exploration with a cartography of the continents opposite the entry, and the walls are paneled in mirror to reflect the seaside view. From the marine colors to the littoral feel, and the maritime influenced detailing, the Bell Tower Suite offers you an authentic seafaring experience in the midst of a busy city. It’s like your very own holiday aboard a yacht, perhaps even better. 

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What is your biggest indulgence in captivating new guests? Who wouldn’t want to stay in a room that resembles an uber luxury yacht? With vaulted ceilings, maritime artifacts and a cozy loft for a bedroom, the Bell Tower Suite is a dream come true for guests who enjoy the ocean. The sprawling suite can also double-up as a space for an intimate gathering of friends. Most favored by guests on their honeymoon; this is the perfect suite for new beginnings. 

What sets you apart from other suites in this city? The Bell Tower Suite is the only room of its kind in the city. While hotels boast of modern luxury and glistening chandeliers; the warm interiors of the Bell Tower Suite are intimate and yet awe-inspiring. Not a single person who enters this suite can say that they’ve seen anything akin to the Bell Tower Suite before. It is also one of the original suites of The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai. 

Is there a famous name, a particular street or monument that you most identify with? What inspired your style? In those days the P&O liners sailed from Bombay every fortnight, normally arriving on Fridays and leaving on Saturdays, and one of the most telling entries in the minutes of the Hotel Board’s earlier meetings records a resolution to invite doctors and pursers of P&O Mail Steamers to dine at the Taj free of charge – a concession that would certainly not have pleased the founder had he still have been alive! But the fact was that every passenger liner entering the harbor brought potential business and so it became a regular duty for one of the senior managers to board these steamers and tout for customers. Whenever a passenger ship was sighted pulling in alongside Ballard Pier, a brass ship’s bell bearing the inscription ‘COLABA 1878’ was rung as a kind of alarm, alerting hotel staff to prepare for the arrival of guests.

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