Suite Talk

L’Appartement Prince Bonaparte - Shangri-La Hotel, Paris
Paris, France

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Modern Day Royalty 

I am L’Appartement Prince Bonaparte, named as such in honor of the personality who made me his private apartment long ago: Roland Bonaparte. My guests particularly appreciate my unique character. Each suite is different, but I am, of course, one of the most beautiful ones! I can be recognized by my style and my interior design, typical of the 19th century, and I enjoy being called “the jewel”. With me, everything is possible. I am the friend and accomplice of all the hotel’s colleagues, and they happily help when I want to surprise and delight my guests. Concierges, pastry teams, chambermaids and other actors rush to answer my most extravagant demands. 

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What is a typical day in the life of a suite? Each day is unique, however, I must admit that I have the same daily visits, but the treatments I get are different. My stylist comes every morning to dress me, and makes sure I am still beautiful despite my old age! She checks the smallest pleat, corner and molding. It is important for me to always be dressed up to the nines to surprise and amaze my visitors. It sometimes happens that I have an even more complete grooming session…which is my favorite time of the year! As I am listed with Historical Monuments, many skilled craftsmen come and show their talent on my floors and delicate fabrics. In the afternoon, when I have a few minutes peace, I take some time and observe the beauty of all objects around me. For instance, take the beautiful vases placed in the entrance: They are decorated with the most intricate drawings and remind me of a faraway era.

What was your favorite feedback or comment received from past guests? So many compliments have already made me tear up! I remember one day, when my guests said staying with me was making their life dream come true. Allowing them to travel through time, in this sumptuous décor and a princely lifestyle is very important to me. For some guests, it is a once in a lifetime experience, and they know how to make the most of each moment and detail: whether gazing through my windows overlooking the Palais d’Iéna, my princely bathroom, or my beautiful living room. 

What is your biggest indulgence in captivating new guests? My of many qualities help to captivate my guests! Have I ever told you about the Bonaparte Dinner? It’s a real leap through time…Take your place at the table and my teammates will recreate dinners as they were served at the time of my friend Prince Roland Bonaparte. With the service “à la française”, the dishes are announced out loud, in a refined décor of fresh flowers. Everyone who has had the chance to live this experience has thanked me for it. 

What is your suite motto? If there is a phrase that represents me, I would say you feel like “A modern day Prince” in my presence. As mentioned earlier, many details remind us that I was Prince Roland Bonaparte’s own apartment within the residence. I remember when the Prince’s daughter Marie would run around in the living room and used to make me roar with laughter. That was a long time ago, but I can still make my guests live unforgettable moments.

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