Presidential Suite - The Leela Palace New Delhi

New Delhi, India

A Royal Affair

I am the Presidential Suite at The Leela Palace New Delhi. Spanning over 4,800 square feet, I am often referred to as an ‘epitome of uber luxury’. Ms. Madhu Nair, Director of Interior Design of Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts wanted my guests to experience the grandeur and elegance of the royal heritage of India. She along with KNA Design, USA brought this vision to spatial reality. Over 1000 flowers, first edition lithographs, commissioned art work, nearly 40 pure silver handpicked collectibles, gold leaf ceilings, and intricate wood work along with antique souvenirs, lend me a ‘true sense of a palace’ and let my guests experience a ‘rare luxury’. I span over 7 bays and I have facilities which allow my guests to indulge in both private and public rendezvous overlooking the serene calm of Devi sculpture nestled in the lush greens of the sacred inner courtyard.


Suite Talk Q&A

  1. What is your biggest indulgence in captivating new guests? The biggest indulgence for my guests is the personalized service he/she gets from the team at the palace. In the past, my team has flown down special flowers from Thailand for one of the guests who loved to adorn her hair with them and has even created a bespoke shopping experience inside the suite for one of the guests by inviting the top handloom designers to showcase their select collection.
  2. How would you like to be remembered? As the pinnacle of luxury, opulence and magnificence distinguished by highly personalized services.
  3. Who have been your all-time favorite guests? I can share a few names that are in public domain already and have had the opportunity to experience my elegance: Tom Cruise, Prince of Morocco, Tommy Hilfiger, Akon, King of Spain, and The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. 

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