Repubblica Suite - Hotel Savoy, a Rocco Forte Hotel

Florence, Italy

A Residential Renaissance in the Heart of Florence  

Located on the second floor, historically known as the “Piano Nobile,” the spectacular Repubblica Suite offers guests a 110 square meters of comfort as a two-bedroom suite, and four balconies over the Piazza. The suite features an inviting sitting room, a stylish master-bedroom with walk-in wardrobe, lavish Carrara marble bathroom, and an elegant guest bedroom with a white marble bathroom. The suite’s cozy, inviting and sophisticated space, designed by Mrs. Olga Polizzi, with the Rocco Forte flair and attention to detail, combines contemporary and traditional influences, embodies the spirit of Florence and is ideal for discerning travelers looking for an unforgettable stay.


Suite Talk Q&A

  1. What is the typical day in the life of a suite? My day is very pleasant, the entire team takes care of me and makes sure I look amazing to welcome our special guests for the first time and to surprise them again during their stay. My team treats me wonderfully; it is very nice to be made up every day.   

    They re-order the living area, clean the floors and windows, re-order the sofa, blow out the pillows, put soft and fresh new sheets on the bed, check the curtains to create the perfect light, clean the balconies, make up the bathroom, changing the towels and the bathroom amenities, and then perfume me so that I am ready for the florist to come! And here the beautiful miracle happens, spectacular flowers are settled in my living area and in my bathroom creating such a magical atmosphere before the team comes up with the amenities for our special guests to be placed before the guests arrive or return. But before opening my doors to the clients, my team needs to carefully check me and give the green light to the reception when I am ready to welcome our Special VIP Guests.
  2. Is there a famous name, a particular street or monument that you most identify with? I am named as the main square of Florence, Repubblica, where the Column of Abundancewhich marks the exact center of the townstill represents a “meeting point” for locals.
  3. Who was your all-time favorite guest? I am the Chief of the “Repubblica Wing," which is the block of all the 8 rooms and Suites located alongside me on this wing of the Noble Floor. I cannot forget our first experience all together when we hosted a large family! I was the leader and hosted the Head of the family. Such a magical atmosphere was created entertaining the rest of the family in my living area, leaving the kids going around the Wing with an absolute residential comfort.

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