San Clemente Suite - San Clemente Palace Kempinski

Venice, Italy

A New View on Venice

Indulge yourself with space and privacy – unparalleled in Venice – enjoying the view of the lagoon city. Through the huge panoramic windows of the San Clemente Suite you can admire Venice and its lagoon from every room. This luxurious suite, the true centerpiece of the San Clemente Palace Kempinski, provides every comfort for a perfect stay: the dark wooden ceiling beams of a former monastery laundry and the elegant furnishings make for a comfortable atmosphere. The spacious and exclusive living and sleeping rooms are complete with state-of-the-art equipment, offering the perfect retreat after a day spent in vivid Venice. A special highlight of San Clemente Suite: it can be extended by the five adjoining Navigante Junior Suites, the Navigante Suite and the Marco Polo Suite. As a result there is a palazzo, completely independent from the hotel's main building that provides eight sleeping rooms. For even more privacy, there is a private pier, suitable for yachts of up to 35 meters in length. 


Suite Talk Q&A

  1. Is there a famous name, a particular street or monument that you most identify with? I was named after San Clemente Island and also the 12th century church, which is close to my building. The church alone is worth a visit  it is not only known as one of the must-see chapels in Venice but also as a symbol of the long history of the lagoon city and the island of San Clemente.
  2. What inspired your style? I reside in a building that originally was a monastery's laundry – that's the reason why it has a big chimney. The top floor (which is my floor) used to be a terrace – with a roof and columns, but without windows – where the monks dried the laundry. Iron hooks for laundry strings remain on the top of every column – now they are under cultural heritage protection. 

    The renovation work was inspired by the journeys of the Venetian merchants and sailors to Eastern countries. For example; my furniture comes with Eastern decorative motifs as well as the dock's entrance. Sun-shaped mirrors remind every one of the sunrises and the Orient, while the gondola-shaped bed headboard represents the prestige of the Venetian Republic.
  3. What sets you apart from other suites in this city? I am the newest suite available in Venice and among the largest ones. I ensure maximum privacy and tranquility to my guests. I am located on a private island and in a building that is independent of the main hotel, not to mention I have my own private dock. My spacious rooms, high ceilings, modern furniture and state-of-the-art equipment – including an all-furnished kitchen – make me unique in Venice. Also, by adding the adjoining seven suites, including the Navigante and Marco Polo suites, it's possible to have an independent 8-bedroom mansion. Last, but not least, I provide the best view of Venice and its lagoon through my oversized windows.

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